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HONEYWELL-EVOHOME Home heating system EVOHOME set with thermostat, Wi-Fi, touchscreen, Honeywell
397.95 €

Honeywell evohome Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat Pack. The evohome Connected Thermostat Pack consists of an evohome controller, power lead and stand plus a wireless relay box. The evohome system can be controlled via a tablet or smart phone app available for
HONEYWELL-HCE80 Wireless floor heating controller HCE80R, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-HCE80 223.20 €
292.95 €

Zone controller for underfloor heating with Radio Frequency bi-directional communication (868,3 MHz). The basic configuration is for 5 zones. With the submodule HCS80 expandable to 8 zones. For room temperature setpoint setting without time program apply
HONEYWELL-HCS80 Heating system's EVOHOME extension module, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-HCS80 91.20 €
119.70 €

To extend system up to 8 different heating zones
HONEYWELL-HR91 Wireless radiator valve with integrated thermometer, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-HR91 55.92 €
73.40 €

The HR91 Radiator Controller It can be used in combination with Evohome WiFi or Evohome Colour zoning systems It’s slim, ergonomic design will suit any interior design. It will fit on most standard TRV bodies (adaptors available) The best choice
HONEYWELL-HR92 Radiator controller with integrated thermometer, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-HR92 76.72 €
100.70 €

The HR92 radiator controller uses two-way communication with the evohome controller to ensure that commands are received and valves opened while maintaining boiler interlock. These slim, ergonomically-designed radiator controllers will fit on most st
HONEYWELL-HRA80 Antenna for floor heating controller HCE80/HCE80R, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-HRA80 47.92 €
62.90 €

Control your heating whenever you want, wherever you are, by app;Save energy through better control;Central control
HONEYWELL-MT4 Thermovalve MT4 230Vac, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-MT4 16.72 €
21.95 €

MT4 Small Linear Thermoelectric Actuator

The MT4 thermoelectric actuator allows precise and reliable valve operation for room and zone applications. Its smart set of built-in features offers you many benefits to speed up your installation and assure long-term operation.



  • 4 and 8 mm stroke models
  • Available in 230 V and 24 V versions for operation with two-position or pulse width modulating (PWM) control
  • Available as normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) version
  • The built-in auxiliary switch enables fans or pumps to be driven directly
  • Adapter 'snap-on' solution for fast and secure installation
  • IP44 water protection in any installation conditions
  • Plug-in cable for easy wiring and service
  • Easy to read position indicator
  • The small size design allows installation in limited space



  • Underfloor Heating
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Radiator Heating
  • Convectors
HONEYWELL-T3 Programmable, wired, 7 days home termostat T3, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-T3 44.72 €
58.70 €

The Honeywell Home T3/T3M/T3R are designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of heating in domestic or light commercial premises. T3: compatible with 24-230V on/off appliances such as gas boilers, combi-boilers and heat pump T3R: comp
HONEYWELL-T3R Programmable 7 day thermostat T3R, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-T3R 76.72 €
100.70 €

The Honeywell Home T3/T3M/T3R are designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of heating in domestic or light commercial premises. T3: compatible with 24-230V on/off appliances such as gas boilers, combi-boilers and heat pump T3R: comp
HONEYWELL-T87 Wireless, digital thermostat T87, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-T87 67.92 €
89.15 €

Electronic room thermostat for modulating or TPI On/Off boiler control. Wireless communication with boiler module R8810 OpenTherm(R), or with boiler relay box BDR91. Thermostats can become Connected by binding to a Honeywell RFG100 Internet Gateway. Th
HONEYWELL-Y87 One zone's thermo regulation system, wireless, Honeywell
  HONEYWELL-Y87 183.20 €
240.45 €

Electronic room thermostat for on/off boiler control. Wireless communication with boiler relay box BDR91. Wireless communication with Honeywell RFG100 internet gateway. Binding already done. Thermostat can be Connected to internet. This allows time a
HONEYWELL-ZPFL1 Pocket gas detector EzSense, Honeywell
67.20 €

The EZ sense gas leak detector is designed to detect minute traces of Methane (Natural Gas), Butane, Propane, LPG and LNG. The instrument should give approximately 4 hours of continuous use on 2 AA alkaline batteries.
T6360A1004 Telpu termostats T6360A 10-30°C 10A 230Vac Honeywell
  T6360A1004 19.99 €
26.25 €

Paredzēts pārvaldīt padevi atkarībā no telpu temperatūras, regulējams temperatūras diapazons no +10 līdz + 30°C; diference <1°C, maksimālā kontakta slodze apkures sistēmai 10(3)A 250 VAC, dzesēšanai 6(2) A 250Vac
XX-027 Lāzergaisma "MINI RG LASER" 150mW
  XX-027 28.20 €
49.35 €

Skaņas vadība; zaļš lāzers 50mW (532nm); sarkans lāzers 100mW (650nm); darbojas no 110-240Vac 5Vdc; izmērs 110x90x50mm; svars 320g
BVS-548 Automašīnas atpakaļskata kamera, iebūvēta numura zīmes rāmī ar 2 zonu parkošanas sensoriem
  BVS-548 39.00 €
49.35 €


The reversing camera is a modern system designed for motor vehicles. It checks the space behind the vehicle during reversing procedures. The device assists during reversing, but does not relieve the driver from the special attention required during reversing. The set is adapted for mounting in passenger cars and delivery vans.




- Image sensor: 1 / 3.6 in. CMOS
- Resolution: 648x488
- Measurement area: 4.9x3.7m
- Lens: F=1.9mm / F=2.0
- Signal system: PAL
- Horizontal synchronization (kHz): 15625/15734
- V-Sync (Hz): 50/60
- Automatic gain control and backlight adjustment
- Horizontal definition: 480 TV lines
- Minimal lighting : 0.01 lux
- Signal / noise: <48.0 [dB]
- Image sensor angle: 170°
- Horizontal viewing angle: 120°
- Vertical viewing angle: 90°
- Diagonal angle of view: 165°
- Water resistance class: IP67
- Voltage range: 9-15Vdc
- Video output: 1.0Vp-p / 75Ω
- Working temperature: -20 ~ +70°C, RH 95% Max
- Storage temperature: -30 ~ +80°C, RH 95% Max


- Voltage range: 9-15Vdc
- Voltage: 12Vdc
- Power consumption: max. 1.5W
- Measurement area: 0.4-2.0m
- Alarm distance: 0-2m
- Display mode: any type of TFT
- Diameter of the sensor: 19mm
- Sensor angle : X, Y, 60 degrees
- Working temperature : -30°C ~ +80°C
- Alarm type : BIBI
- Alarm volume: 65dB

MVH-S120UBW Car receiver PIONEER MVH-S120UBW
  MVH-S120UBW 55.50 €
70.35 €



Advanced Remote Control App (Pioneer ARC)
Advanced Remote Control App (Pioneer ARC)Pioneer’s Advanced Remote Control (Pioneer ARC) app converts your compatible iPhone or Android smartphone into a powerful touchscreen remote control, which allows you to manage and customise the features of your compatible Pioneer car stereo system in an easy to use way.
Compatible with Android
Compatible with AndroidConnect and listen to music stored on your device without the need for an app
USB Input
USB InputPlug in, charge and connect your USB connected device, to enjoy music and video playback.
5-band Graphical EQ
5-band Graphical EQAdjust your audio output in detail for a music experience tailored to your preferences.
FLACEnjoy FLAC lossless digital audio files in your vehicle with playback output at CD quality, without the need to convert.
MechafreeThis product is designed for modern digital music formats.
Short Chassis
Short ChassisThe shallow depth of this product provides easy and flexible installation.
Anti theft detachable panel
Anti theft detachable panelProtect yourself against theft
MVH-S320BT Pioneer MVH-S310BT Mechless MP3 Car Stereo with Bluetooth USB Aux-in Android
  MVH-S320BT 84.00 €
101.85 €


The MVH-S320BT Digital Media Receiver features Pioneer Smart Sync App Compatibility, MIXTRAX®, Built-in Bluetooth®


Pandora Logo

A Better-Than-Ever Listening Experience

Pandora is personalized internet radio that is designed to help you discover new music that you'll love mixed in with music that you already know. With the MVH-S320BT, you can enjoy superior sound quality and full control of the Pandora experience in your car directly from the touchscreen display of the receiver. You are able to give tracks "thumbs up" or "thumbs down," bookmark a song so you can purchase it later, easily switch between your personalized radio stations, and view full track data and album art.


Pandora is compatible with Apple iOS, as well as Android devices that support the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP). Simply download the free Pandora Radio app to your iPhone or Android device, connect to the MVH-S320BT and take your music to the next level.

For more information and to sign up for a free account, visit pandora.com.


Bluetooth Logo

Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming

Stay safe and obey local hands-free laws with built-in Bluetooth (HFP). Easily pair a Bluetooth enabled phone to the MVH-S320BT without having to go through complicated settings. When a registered Bluetooth device is in proximity to the receiver, the auto connection function automatically pairs the two units.

From hands-free calling, wireless audio streaming (A2DP) with artist, album, and song search*, simple pairing, and control audio (AVRCP profile), Bluetooth® wireless technology has made life in the vehicle much more convenient.

The MVH-S320BT with Bluetooth also includes superior call quality reception using Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6. Wideband Speech nearly doubles the bandwidth of frequencies of a normal Bluetooth call (when compared to calls without Wideband Speech)**.

Other features include the ability to browse music libraries on smartphones wirelessly.

*Search functions vary by phone.
**Call quality depends on wireless provider’s support of HFP 1.6.


spotify logo


Spotify gives you all the music you'll ever need. Find the songs you love instantly, or let Spotify play you something great. With support for Spotify, just connect your compatible smartphone to a Pioneer Car Stereo Receiver to fill your ride with everything from classic tracks to the latest hits. Premium subscription may apply.

Arc App 1

Arc App 1

Pioneer Smart Sync

Pioneer Smart Sync is a highly evolved technology that links your smartphone to Pioneer car audio and entertainment systems. By utilizing more of your smartphone’s features, it expands, evolves and furthers the enjoyment of every moment you spend in your car. With the Pioneer Smart Sync app, you can bring your smartphone’s maps, messages, and music together in the car. To learn more about the Pioneer Smart Sync app visit www.pioneer-carglobal.com/pss.

Download the Pioneer Smart Sync app on the Apple® App Store and Google Play Store.


Download on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

Smartphone Control

Smartphone Control

Access music on your smartphone directly from the Pioneer receiver. Search for Artist, Albums and Songs using Pioneer's intuitive interface. With Pioneer receivers you can also access and control select music and radio apps on your smartphone.


Android Music Logo

Android Music Support

Users of devices running Android OS version 4.0 or later can connect to the MVH-S320BT and listen to music stored on the device without the need for an app. The process is made possible using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), which allows the receiver to recognize the Android smartphone as a music storage device. Operate basic functions like FF, REW, Play, Pause, Random Play, and Repeat and view Metadata information such as track, artist, and album name.


mixtrax logo

Keep The Party Going!

MIXTRAX® is an innovative Pioneer technology that creates a nonstop mix of your music library complete with a range of DJ-inspired effects. Drawing from Pioneer’s rich DJ heritage and our passion for music, MIXTRAX delivers a unique DJ infused listening experience to those in the car. MIXTRAX takes the music from an iPhone, or USB device, and plays it back with added transitions and effects, creating a virtual DJ inside the Pioneer receiver.

MIXTRAX makes automatic remixing of tracks extra quick and easy. Simply connect your USB compatible device and listen as tracks are joined by various random sound effects in nonstop mix play to keep the groove going in full swing.

MIXTRAX also features club-style illumination that enhances the mood with a dynamic dance club-like lighting effect. As MIXTRAX begins, lights start pulsing to the beat of the music, adding an extra level of entertainment. Choose among multiple patterns of lighting variations from sound pressure level or low-pass synchronization modes.

For more information, visit:



USB Auto Switch

The receiver also includes the USB Auto Switch feature so when the phone is connected via USB the listener has the option to choose whether the receiver uses the phone as a source, or just charges the device.

Flac Support

FLAC Codec Support

Pioneer Car Stereo Receivers upgrade in-car audio with amazing sound reproduction with their ability to play FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files, which are 50-60% smaller than WAV files yet retain the integrity of the original sound sources. FLAC playback at up to 44.1khz sampling frequency and 16-bit bitrate for files stored on a USB thumb drive.


Caution: Read the operation manual as well as all instructions and cautions before use. Pay attention to the road, limit glances to the device, and do not use any feature if it cannot be operated both safely and legally in your location and environment. Distracted driving may result in serious injury, including death. Certain functions such as video playback and keyboard input are restricted through a parking brake interlock system.

PROF-2525-3Ms Aluminum profile for LED strip surface 20x20mm, 3m
  PROF-2525-3Ms 14.69 €
23.09 €

PROF-2525-COVER3 Cover for LED profile 2525, milky white, 3 meters
  PROF-2525-COVER3 14.69 €
23.09 €

PROF-SR16-1M Anodēts alumīnija profils LED lentēm leņķa 1m
  PROF-SR16-1M 2.79 €
4.19 €

16x16x10.2mm, 90°; komplektā neietilpst pārsegs
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